Garmin Navigation, Commucation and Work Orders!
Record time cards with a touch of a button and send 2 way commucation!
AFM Garmin Intergation will improve Driver Performance and Productivity.

Increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency with the ability to directly correspond with your drivers. GPS navigation, real-time location and tracking are now fully functional with the integration of Garmin navigation. Our GPS tracking solutions and fleet management software, along with the Garmin unit, provides the functionality necessary to protect your bottom line with unsurpassed ease and usefulness.

Time Card reporting compatible.
Improve work orders management.
Improve communication with your drivers.
Improve routes performance.
Improve drivers' performance.
Reduce operations costs such as fuel expenses.

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Improve Communication With Your Drivers.
Send and receive messages with your drivers or any company employee.

This will give you productivity by not having to use different devices for different operations. Just communicate with your drivers right from the AFM Software to the AFM Garmin.

All incoming messages are saved in the inbox, and the outgoing in the outbox in the same application.

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View and Manage Work Orders.
Work orders that are created from the Ace Fleet web-based application can be seen and managed in the AFM Garmin.

Change each work order status through the AFM Garmin

En Route

Street Level Speed Limits with Accuracy.
Avoid speeding tickets with Garmin street level alerts..

Every time the driver is on a street there is a posted speed limit. The AFM Garmin knows the posted speed limit and will not only notify the driver with an audible tone; you can even set an alert to be sent via email or right to the AFM Garmin.

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