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Real-Time Tracking and Management of Heavy Equipment and Assets.
Pinpoint your equipment and dispatch assets to the right work site at the right time.
Real-Time GPS Tracking for your fleet of public transportation vehicles.
Get live monitoring of your busses, trolleys, shuttles and any other public vehicle.
Our integration with Point of Rental Systems™* helps you monitor
your equipment 24x7 and manage rental related activity.
Benefits for heavy equipment rental fleets:
Assets routing and scheduling for maximum efficiency
Gain instant access into vehicles and worker activities
Reduce mileage and fuel expenses
Provide real-time attention to performance
Increase safety
Meet promised deadlines
Resolve customer disputes with documented activities
Bill proper usage of equipment

Powerful and Unique GPS Vehicle Tracking Tools to Monitor your Fleet
We have put together a series of unique and powerful tools that will help you track your vehicles in a user friendly
and top technology environment, as well as run your fleet as easy as you would have never imagined. CLICK HERE to get a demo.
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Know where your vehicles are at all times. Track your fleet online and in real-time. Location updates as frequent as you want.

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Historical Locations
View in the map a trail showing the history of the locations where a vehicle has been from any date range.

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Live Alerts
Receive real-time alerts via voice, email or text messages right when your vehicles perform critical activities.

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Shaped Geofences
Create imaginary fences of any geometrical shape around a specific location. Get alerted when your vehicles get in or out of them.

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Vehicle Maintenance
Manage new, pending and completed maintenance tasks based on gathered data. Receive Alerts when maintenance is due.

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Tracking Numbers
Generate tracking numbers for any vehicle. Send this tracking number to any thirda party. They will have limited tracking access.

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Reports & Analytics
Access 30+ different reports and generate analytics to keep your fleet statistics on point. Reports required by law are included.

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Mobile Apps
Download our mobile apps on any Apple or Android mobile device. Apps for basic and advanced tracking are available.

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Access the most importat tools
from any Apple or Android mobile device.
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* Point-of-Rentals is an outside company and has additional software and expenditures