Our ELD solution is Approved by the FMCSA.
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AFM ELD is the solution for Fuel Electronic Daily Log, DVIR and Fuel Receipt Management improving Driver Performance & Efficacy.

In today's challenging and highly competitive industry, workforce management everywhere is looking for solutions that will help stand out from the competition and get things done more proactively. Ace Fleet Maanger.com ELD solution for all devices delivers unique development in customer service and satisfaction, fleet performance, workforce management, operational effectiveness, and the technological advantage your business needs for its growth.

HOS Compliant
Improve work orders management
Improve communication with your drivers
Improve routes performance
Improve drivers' performance
Reduce operations costs such as fuel expenses

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Fulfill and Monitor Hours of Service (HOS).
This module helps regulations established by the government about worked hours to be fulfilled, will let you have full control over your drivers Hours of Service (HOS).

Drivers can change their status manually or automatically
Drivers status will automatically end according to law
View logs of status
View summary of each different status by hour and allowed remaining hours
View a graph of total time for each status
Approve or edit logged status

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Save Money on Fuel by Monitoring its Consumption.
Gain control over the fuel loaded in the vehicle.

Every time a driver is loading fuel, the GPS of the ELD device will automatically gather the location, date, time and the odometer of the vehicle where fuel is purchased. The driver will then enter the gallons loaded and total money spent. The driver can also take a picture of the receipt for record keeping.

All of this information will be saved in your fuel logs history to which you will always have access to for monitoring. Also, you can access the fuel usage reports on the online web application Ace Fleet Manager.com to get analytics about the fuel consumption of your fleet.

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