Dispatching, Routing and Scheduling... ALL IN ONE!
Automated management for your vehicles, time & company resources.
Our Dispatching Tools Make Our System an all-in-one solution!
Ace Fleet Manager gives you a GPS Vehicle Tracking System, but ALSO gives you outstanding dispatching tools that will help you
run your fleet in the most proactive way. You will see a Return-On-Investment in the blink of an eye! CLICK HERE to get a demo.
Manage Work Orders
Create electronic work orders and send them over to the in-cabin solution (Garmin or Android). Update the status at any time.

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Manage Routes
Our routing platform gives you complete real-time control over every route. Monitor stages, build & predefine routes.

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Get Driver Ratings
Our system automatically rates your drivers based on metrics such as speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, among others.

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Log Dispatch Activities
Think of a diary! That is what our Dispatching Log is. We let you keep track of activities and events that are important to you.

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Make dispatching and work orders management more efficient.
Gain the most up to date information of your jobs on one screen and manage all your drivers with one simple to use application.
Create work orders and assign them to drivers and vehicles
View, edit, manage all work orders by changing the status whenever needed
Send work orders to Garmin Navigators and In-cabin Android solution
Drivers can receive work orders, accept them and receive turn by turn directions to the      job location
Drivers can change the status of the work order and it is transmitted in real time to the      dispatcher
View work orders on the map
With this tool you will:
Maximize productivity by doing more jobs with your current workforce
Increase efficiency by getting the job done, right the first time avoiding secondary visits
Improve service levels to all customers by sending all the data needed
Lower fuel costs and save time by reducing the mileage driven between jobsites
Improve productivity using our Mobility Director and In-Cabin solutions
...and more!

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Create, control, and manage routes in real-time.
A routing system that will take your dispatching operations to the next level.
Build routes and send routes to our In-Cabin solution
Monitor transaction dates
View visited, delayed, not visited/skipped routes on the map
Have control over the moving of your assets in real time
Monitor various events previously programmed
plan the effectiveness of processes to improve productivity
Configure your routes according to your needs and priorities
Verify and control points defined inside the route
With this tool you will:
Improve workflow by constantlt monitoring your routes visually on the map in real-time
Improve productivity by planning your trips and visits
Gain productivity and optimization of resources
Keep control of your drivers work time
Improve customer satisfaction
...and more!

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Get automated driver ratings to be able to evaluate performance.
Our system automatically rates your drivers based on custom behavior metrics such as speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, among others.
Create custom driver behavior profiles based on:
  • Fuel performance
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Average speed
  • RPMs
  • Speeding
  • Harsh turns
  • Idling
  • The system will read these profiles and evaluate your drivers based on them. If you set a maximum speeding profile of 55 mph and your driver constantly drives at an average of 70 MPH, he/she will not get a good rating in speeding which will affect its total rating and evalution.
    Once you run the Driver Rating Report the system will look at those profiles and tell you which drivers are doing good and which are doing bad.
    With this tool you will:
    Evaluate & improve drivers performance
    Monitor & improve drivers behavior
    Increase security on the roads
    Lower fuel and operations costs
    Improve productivity
    ...and more!

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    Log dispatch activities that are important to you.
    Sometimes dispatchers and management need to keep notes of important activities. Now you can keep record of these activities in the dispatching log.
    The "Dispatch Log" will make sure every important event or activity is logged and associated to a driver/vehicle.
    It is not new that a GPS Fleet Tracking System always records every single activity of the vehicles such as ignition on/off, driving, idling, speeding, etc... What IS NEW is that now our system lets you record activity that the tracking device cannot monitor.

    Think of a DIARY! That is the dispatching log. Every time that there is an important event related to a driver/vehicle, and that you want to take notes of for your history records, you can use the dispatch log to enter these events in the system and link them to that specific tracking device associated to that driver/vehicle.
    With this tool you will:
    Avoid future misunderstandings related to particular events
    Improve productivity by having key history data
    Improve management and analysis of specific situations
    ...and more!

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