Mobile Video Verifcation with GPS Tracking.
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AFM In-Vehicle Camera System

Mobile Digital Video Recorder "MDVR"
is scalable to your needs. Improve driver training, operating cost, and safety!

Safety is a key priority for any fleet, but with so many technologies promising similar results, it's not clear which safety investments will have the largest impact on the fleet.

Durable and secure recording box
Support for 2 to 8 cameras
SD card support and Hard Drive support
Custom alert system and panic recording
Improve drivers' performance.
Reduce liability
Create custom training programs with Video and Driver behavior reports.

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Driver Training with valuable evidence.
Video Management allows supervisors to print a driver behavior report, review the video, or download a time frame adding valuable concrete evidence to allow, and driver training to become a robust learning tool for the driver with a visual aid. Videos can be difference in teaching a driver the best way to understand the mistakes made and correct them for future occurrences.

View and download behavior reports
Set custom limits on driver behavior profiles
Download custom time frames of 5 minutes
Get notifications of abuse of vehicles
Reliable evidence of misuse
Enforce company policies

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Reduce Fleet Liability
Reduce your fleet liability with actual event recording. With video verification event accounts can be examined by the end user for a true account of the event. These videos can be the deciding factor of a lawsuit and responsibility of an accident.

Some of the top most benefits of the "AFM MDVR" verification system:

Have a record of the accident
Fight insurance fraud
Make driver's accoutable
Review a drivers skills for training
Get out of a ticket

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Telematics Integration
The Ace Fleet MDVR solution is fully integrated with the AFM GPS tracking solution. Allowing direct management and streaming of live video remotely from anywhere.
Multiple Cameras
Scalable from 1 to 8 cameras per vehicle for maximum recording radius and increased blind-spot visibility for drivers.
Fast & Reliable Connection
Ace Fleet MDVR system's offers 3G/4G enabled systems which provide instant live video playback and driving data within minutes of an accident or harsh driving event.
Wi-Fi Option
Ace Fleet MDVR has the ability to allow Wi-Fi HotSpot connections for all the other devices that may need an internet connection.
Integrated 3-Axis G-Force sensors provide detailed impact & driving behavior data. G-Forces auto-calibrate & are customizable per axis.
Built-in GPS Overlays
GPS provides crucial evidence for all road events such as vehicle location, speed, direction, and accurate time/date, and driving routes.
Automated & Secure
The Ace Fleet MDVR products are designed for automatic power-up, operation, & shut-down. Our tamper-resistant designs reduce driver interference.
From Terabyte hard drives to dual SD card redundancy & automatic SD formatting & system health checks, Ace Fleet ensures your road events are recorded & retained.
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