AFM Public Tracker - Helping Entities Increase Ridership.
The power of GPS Vehicle tracking is now in the passengers' hands.
AFM Public Tracker - Tools to improve the passengers' riding experience.
Ace Fleet Manager provides public transportation entities with a GPS Vehicle Tracking portal than can be accessed by passengers to monitor the entity's public vehicles.
These tracking portals can be accessed through any computer or mobile device. Passengers can track public vehicles through these portals, but they can also see all types of relevant information related to the public vehicles such as routes, estimated times of arrival and more.

The real-time location information of the public vehicles, together with information about routes and other monitoring tools will help passengers improve their public transportation experience, trust its reliability and increase ridership.
Mobile Tracking Apps for Public Transportation passengers.
Passengers can access Ace Fleet Manager's Public Tracker tools from any computer at any time, but also from any mobile device with wi-fi or internet connectivity.

As we have mentioned before, the focus and goal of an automated Public Transportation system are the passengers and making sure they get unlimited benefits and improve their experience to be able to increase ridership. Our Mobile tracker is just one of the many pieces that let Ace Fleet Manager be able to achieve this goal.
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