Real-Time GPS Tracking & Fleet Management for your Public Vehicles.
Start by improving and automizing in-house operations & processes.
Tools for entities to monitor and manage their fleet of public vehicles in real-time.
To be able to provide passengers with a great transportation experience, entities must start with having a great fleet management system for their fleet of public vehicles.

Ace Fleet Manager provides entities with its GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management system for its in-house operations. With these tools dispatchers and heads of department can monitor detailed vehicle activities, driving behavior and accomplish tasks that will keep their fleet organized and running smoothly.
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Know where your vehicles are at all times. Track your fleet online and in real-time. Location updates as frequent as you want.

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Historical Locations
View in the map a trail showing the history of the locations where a vehicle has been from any date range.

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Live Alerts
Receive real-time alerts via voice, email or txt messages right when your vehicles perform critical activities.

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Shaped Geofences
Create imaginary fences of any geometrical shape around a specific location. Get alerted when your vehicles get in or out of them.

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Vehicle Maintenance
Manage new, pending and completed maintenance tasks based on gathered data. Receive Alerts when maintenance is due.

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Manage Routes
Our routing platform gives you complete real-time control over every route. Monitor stages, build & predefine routes.

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Get Driver Ratings
Our system automatically rates your drivers based on metrics such as speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, among others.

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Reports & Analytics
Access 30+ different reports and generate analytics to keep your fleet statistics on point. Reports required by law are included.

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Look at your entire fleet at a glance in a map.
View your vehicles individually or by groups on the map 24/7 with auto-refreshing options of as fast as 30 seconds.
Both Google and Microsoft maps are available for higher reliability.
Create landmarks (points of interest) directly on the map.
View virtual earth maps.
Build routes for your fleet of vehicles directly from the map.
Add temporal layers to the map.
Freeze the map zoom.
Freeze the map area.
View clustered units.
Send tracking numbers.
With this tool you will:
Improve drivers and vehicles visibility.
Maximize productivity by using shortcuts to get tasks done faster.
Improve security and jobs productivity by seeing your vehicles detailed locations.
Save money on fuel costs by monitoring unauthorized vehicle locations.
Save money by knowing when vehicles are idling.
...and more!

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View every single detailed activity of your vehicles as a trail in the map.
View the historical locations of your vehicles with detailed traced activity by activity on the map.
Select any of your vehicles to view its historical locations.
View the historical locations by any date range.
View step by step, activity by activity through the whole trail on the map.
View detailed activity as a report right below the map.
Display on the map the exact routes that your vehicles took on a specific date.
Access all this information through your mobile devices.
Display layers of landmarks, geofences, and more, over the traced route.
View clustered units on the traced route for easier display.
Multiple different icons will easily guide you through the historical locations.
With this tool you will:
Maximize productivity by seeing real driven routes.
Cut down operations costs by analyzing better and more efficient routes.
Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage.
Improve customer satisfaction by monitoring visited clients.
Monitoring drivers activities by analazying time spent on stops.
...and more!

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Get unlimited alerts about vehicle activity. This is smart monitoring!
It is important for dispatchers and management to know every single detail of their operations even when they are not in front of a computer or mobile device.
Create unlimited alerts and have them be delivered via text, voice or email to unlimited users. Some of the alerts you can setup are:
Illegal power off.
PTO usage.
Landmark in/out.
Panic button.
Battery level warning.
Seatbelt usage.
Temperature alerts.
Ignition on/off.
Crash detected.
Driver status change.
Engine alert.
Fuel levels alerts.
With this tool you will:
Improve security.
Reduce unnecesary operation costs.
Improve monitoring resulting in improved productivity.
Maximize workflow.
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Control where your vehicles go. Get alerted when they go in and out.
Geofences (imaginary fences) generate customized alerts everytime the vehicles go in and out of the area that you set.
Create, view and monitor geofences.
Create circle or any other shape geofences.
Draw geofences on the map or create them by addresses.
Get alerted when your vehicles go in or out of the geofences.
Setup outputs / hydraulic equipment to be activated when the geofence is crossed.
Activate automized phone calls or email when geofences are crossed.
With this tool you will:
Improve security.
Improve productivity by making sure tasks are done only when they are supposed to.
Improve productivity by automating dispatching tasks.
Improve driver monitoring.
Maximize workflow.
...and more!

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keep your fleet running properly by controlling vehicles' maintenance.
Vehicle maintenance is a very important part of your fleet operations. Forgetting to do maintenance on your vehicles can cost you a lot of money!
Create maintenance tasks and assign them to each vehicle.
Create maintenance schedules based on the registered maintenance tasks.
Evaluate tasks by odometer, time, and/or engine hours.
Set the average cost of each maintenance task.
Set "slack percentages" to determine how much (%) is the task ok to be overdue.
View which tasks are overdue or still at a safe stage.
With this tool you will:
Save money on operations costs.
Save money on maintenance of your vehicles.
Increase vehicle security.
...and more!

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Create, control, and manage routes in real-time.
A routing system that will take your dispatching operations to the next level.
Build routes and send routes to our In-Cabin solution.
Monitor transaction dates.
View visited, delayed, not visited/skipped routes on the map.
Have control over the moving of your assets in real time.
Monitor various events previously programmed.
plan the effectiveness of processes to improve productivity.
Configure your routes according to your needs and priorities.
Verify and control points defined inside the route.
With this tool you will:
Improve workflow by constantlt monitoring your routes visually on the map in real-time.
Improve productivity by planning your trips and visits.
Gain productivity and optimization of resources.
Keep control of your drivers work time.
Improve customer satisfaction.
...and more!

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Get automated driver ratings to be able to evaluate performance.
Our system automatically rates your drivers based on custom behavior metrics such as speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, among others.
Create custom driver behavior profiles based on:
  • Fuel performance.
  • Acceleration.
  • Deceleration.
  • Average speed.
  • RPMs.
  • Speeding.
  • Harsh turns.
  • Idling.

    The system will read these profiles and evaluate your drivers based on them. If you set a maximum speeding profile of 55 mph and your driver constantly drives at an average of 70 mph, he/she will not get a good rating in speeding which will affect its total rating and evalution.

    Once you run the Driver Rating Report the system will look at those profiles and tell you which drivers are doing good and which are doing bad.
    With this tool you will:
    Evaluate & improve drivers performance.
    Monitor & improve drivers behavior.
    Increase security on the roads.
    Lower fuel and operations costs.
    Improve productivity.
    ...and more!

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    Reports & Alerts to keep a closer look on your vehicles & drivers.
    A broad array of user defined reports provides management with precise tools for key decision making. Some of the 30+ reports are:
    • Activity Report.
    • Events Report and Events Summary Report.
    • Speed Report.
    • State Miles Report.
    • Historical Locations (Bread Crumb Trails).
    • Fuel Efficiency Report.
    • Landmarks In/Out Report.
    • Idle Time Report.
    • Alerts Reports.
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